The Snakeskin Movie Lounge is a consortium of pseudo intellectuals and musicians who will stop at nothing short of broadcasting domination.



Founder, writer, editor and producer of the show, Moid Moidelhoff is the alter-ego of a very ordinary English, middle class, married, dog owning, golf playing, music loving, book collecting, gardening enthusiast. Void of any actual talent, creating his own radio show was the only available option. Currently holds the record for nearly crying on the show (Twice)

Movie Heaven: Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction, Groundhog Day, Black Swan, Birdman.

Movie Hell: The Captive, Zoolander, Scary Movie, Alien 3.


By his own admission, Dave has fewer insights and knowledge to offer the show than the other talent but has rekindled his love of film since his first appearance in Episode 002. His love of nostalgia and commitment to rewatching everything from the 90’s is becoming a Snakeskin touchstone.



Every movie podcast needs a Russ. When the show was conceived, Moid had a dream that Russ would shower us with his encyclopedic knowledge and bring some real weight to the Lounge. Moid’s dream came true.

Movie Heaven: Jaws, The Thing, Near Dark, 12 Angry Men, Armour of God, Hard Boiled, The Raid, Evil Dead 2 and Roadhouse.

Movie Hell: Titanic, Indy 4, The Last Jedi, Nightmare on Elm Street (Remake) and pretty much anything Michael Bay has been involved with.


For a man that claims to not have much to say, Chris sure can talk. The only member of the house band to also have a permanent seat in the Lounge, Chris brings an exotic flair to the show that can only be described as challenging. Possibly the only person that can shut Moid up.


Acting as the eye of the storm, Goffy’s calm delivery can be misconstrued as a bit ploddy and whimsical. Inventor of the “Chopstick Drop” We love him the way he is, don’t go changing.


Curator of the most shocking list of shame in podcast history. How any normal 30 year old can live in a western country and never see a James Bond film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Goodfellas or ANY STAR WARS FILM is beyond comprehension. The punishment is perpetual Snakeskin probation, destiny awaits.


Holds the prestigious title of “Only Female To Ever Appear On The Show”. An archaeology major who promises to find the time to return one day.