Snakeskin Movie Lounge Weekly Show

EP 017: Nebraska, 22 Bullets, Logan Lucky


Nebraska, 22 Bullets, Logan Lucky

Moid is joined by regular contributor Dave and, lock up your daughters, it’s the debut of the semi-celebrity, Filipino whirlwind himself, Chris. Welcome to the show Chris.

Once Moid regains some sort of order the lads review one film each.

00:00 Intro

9:40 Been Flicked

11:05 Nebraska

22:25 22 Bullets

33:02 Logan Lucky

48:50 Questions & Answers


Questions and Answers

We welcome our new listeners from, The Netherlands, Norway and Kuwait.

Welcome everybody.

Dave has a fan on twitter, we have a question about what other reviewers we look up to and that man Tarantino pops up again.

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