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Schindler’s List, American Sniper, Keanu




This week’s show was recorded two days later than usual due to Moid’s aggressive migraine condition. Moid would like to extend a medium sized Thank You to Dave for shuffling his very time sensitive schedule to accommodate the podcast.

We apologise If the show feels somewhat flat and void of it’s usual carnival atmosphere, lets just say that migraine medication can help with the pain but nothing clouds the creative process like a healthy dose of Sumatriptan. Hopefully we will be back to full strength next time.

To be honest, its still a good show. We just want the very best for our listeners.

Welcome new listeners.

Once again the show has continued to spread its influence across the universe.

In the past two weeks we have our first listeners from Belarus, Poland, Hong Kong and China.

Welcome everybody.



Episode 008: THE LIST OF SHAME 

Back when we compiled our Lists of Shame (link above) both Moid and Dave had this at number three. It’s one of those films you maybe should have watched years ago but never got round to it. Dave gut the ball rolling a couple of weeks ago which prompted Moid to pull hid finger out and cross this off the list. How do you subjectively review a film about the Holocaust? Can you even say you enjoyed such an experience? Find out what we think here.


Another movie about war, death and despair. We didn’t plan it this way, however, American Sniper was very well received when it was released a couple of years ago. The lads discuss the movie and the new breed of introspective modern war films.

38:00 KEANU

Just look at that poster, looks like the worst film ever made doesn’t it? As if to counter the last two reviews and save us from all the death and blood, Moid reviews a comedy about a gangster cat. Admittedly the film does have it’s fair share of death and blood but it’s of the funny variety, and there’s a cute cat. Can Key and Peele restore Moid’s faith in comedy?

45:40 Questions & Letters

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