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Sideways, Alien 3, Dead Snow


Sideways, Alien 3, Dead Snow

Moid, Dave and Russ review 14 films for your listening pleasure. Russ watches all the films that nobody has ever heard of, Moid gets angry and Dave tries to cool down by putting on a fleece. Absolute broadcasting gold.


5:12  Higher Learning
9:38  Sideways
14:36  Captain fantastic
19:40  Dead Snow
25:20  Napoleon Dynamite
30:40  Hanna
34:00  Revenge
37:58  Alien 3 and Alien Resurection
46:00  The Breakfast Club
50:10  Black Dynamite
53:15  The Hitmans Bodygaurd
57:20  Closet Monster
1:01:12  Death Note
1:09:36  Q&A
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